About Us​

Our Story​

The passion of our CEO has cultivated the desire to expand and share her expertise in Education Consultancy. Her teaching career and rapport had shown merit from her former students who were successful in their professional careers and had positioned themselves in leadership. Her compassion as a teacher encouraged her to continue to educate people and leave a fulfilling legacy that will commemorate forever. With her masterpiece in people skills, networking and client-focused attitudes are the greatest strength to gain a volume of clientele.


To be known as unique Education and Immigration Agency that gives equal opportunity in education and settlement in Canada, and in any other countries through study pathway and immigration programs.


✓ To provide rightful education consultancy with outlining the use of study pathway and skills enhancement.
✓ To provide immigration consultancy with right conduct and observing proper protocol.
✓ To eliminate high cost of service fee from any applications.

Core Values

A&M Starlight® is a firm believer of Integrity and places confidence with the values of Honesty, Equality, Professionalism, Accountability and Excellence. We treat every person with respect, and we value diversity.

Our Specialization

Aspire individuals and Designate education consultancy to Domestic and International student in achieving their personal goals and enhanced skills leading to a fulfilling future and Connect and Manage their interest to Canadian Immigration.


Aspire individuals to pursue education as the mainstream of success not only in Canada but around the world


Designate your studies in most suitable, affordable and prestigious institutions around the globe


Connect your study with our Education agent, and your immigration application with our Licensed Immigration Consultant.


We manage your program admission and immigration application from start –to- end, genuinely.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X

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